Save the Words

Mrs Cunningham from Colorado in America gave me this really cool link in a comment, it’s a website where you can adopt old words that don’t get used much anymore.   The 2 best ones I found are

Cosmogyral which means whirling around the universe. Our class is cosmogyral this term!

Squiriferous which means having the character or qualities of a gentleman. Mr Squires is squiriferous!

More fun games

Because it is still the school holidays I have time to write another Fun Games post.

The first website is Light Bot at .
In Light Bot you have a little robot that you control by these commands. Light bot commands It is a very fun game and level 10 is the hardest level to do, level 11 and 12 are easier. I like it when Light Bot lights up the square by bobbing down.

Light bot Light bot level 10 light Light bot level 12

The second site is all about colours and art with Carmine Chameleon at carmine_car and red_heart

This is one of the things you can do on the site.
Stare at the black dot in the centre of the red heart
and when it disappears you will see a glowing heart.


The last site is The Cool Laser Reflections game  at
This is a really cool game where you have to work out how to light up all the lightglobes using mirrors. It is quite tricky.

Reflections screenshot Reflections screenshot 2

Fun Games

Sometimes in the holidays I like to play different games on the computer and today I’m going to tell you about some of the games that I like to play.
The first one is called the Falling Sand Game.

It has sand, water, salt, and oil falling down the screen and there are tools called walls, fire, water, plant, sand, spout, cera (wax), ???, oil, eraser and salt. You have to be careful of the one called ??? because it destroys everything except the plants. On the bottom right hand side there are options to make the pen size bigger and smaller, to speed up and slow down whats happening and to change how much sand, water, salt and oil falls. Underneath that is a namekuji option that can control the moving shape. When you start playing you have to work out what everything does, I’m not going to tell you here because it’s much more fun to work it out yourself! 🙂

The second one is called Hero Factory.
This site is really easy. When you click on the Make a Hero arrow it will
take you to options for making your own superhero! This is one I made.

The third one is on the BBC website and is called Questionaut.
It’s like a mystery that you have to work out on each level so that you can get the hat back. It’s a very fun game to play except some of the questions are hard. It takes quite a long time to play the whole game the first time, about an hour or more, because you have to figure out what to press to get the questions. I was much faster today than when I played it at Easter.