Tidbinbilla deep space tracking station

A couple of weeks ago we went away for the weekend and one of the places we visited was Tidbinbilla near Canberra. At Tidbinbilla they use big satellite dishes to track signals coming from deep space. Deep space sounds like a long way away but they said deep space begins outside the orbit of the moon. They track things like the Mars’ robots.

They have a piece of rock there that was brought back from the moon, it is dark grey and has lots of holes with sparkling bits in it that they said was from space dust hitting the rock and melting on it like glass because the moon doesn’t have any atmosphere. It was weird that the moon rock was so dark when the moon looks so light.


On the way there we drove through a stream and my Mum said it was important not to stop when you’re in the middle of the stream because the car might get lifted by the water.



International Space Station

The last 3 night we have seen the International Space Station (ISS) fly across the sky while orbitting the earth. The ISS is a home to 6 people that flys around the earth and studies space. The astronauts change regularly because you couldn’t live in space too long. They fly up to the space station in the Russian Soyuz spaceship and the space shuttle used to fly there too. This is a video we took tonight, the ISS is the tiny dot that starts near the centre of the frame, the dark bit on the right is the Jacaranda tree in our backyard. It looked much brighter in real life.



Parkes radio telescope

A radio telescope collects sounds from space instead of pictures like an optical telescope. At Parkes radio telescope they have information and games inside the building like funny mirrors, a computer game, a gravity ball game and a mini telescope that you can move that plays the sounds of different pulsars. Pulsars are stars that rotate really fast and the faster they spin the faster the beeps are. Can you tell which one is the fastest from these ones?