Halloween in Australia

Australia has never celebrated Halloween like America does but it’s getting more popular every year. We do trick or treating with some neighbours we know and usually if a house is decorated the people are happy to have you visit but most houses aren’t decorated. Most of them near us are families from our school. We passed this really cool spider web covered house at Beecroft this afternoon.


My Halloween Party

Last night I had a Halloween Party for my birthday. It was a very fun party. Everyone came dressed up. We had green witches, skeletons and many more characters. Dad’s horns kept getting caught in the spiders webs. We played lots of games and made witches’ snot slime. We had to have the exact amount of chemicals so the slime wasn’t too hard or too runny. It was really fun. Some of the other games we played were the flour game and filling up a witch’s cauldron with blood and we also played a game where we had to try to work out what the body parts in bags actually were. We didn’t have time to work out who was the winner because we wanted to go trick or treating but when Mum finally got the chance to work it out my little sister Chloe was the winner! The answers were brain – cooked cauliflower, heart – peeled tomato, eyes – peeled grapes, guts – cooked spaghetti, hair – dead fern leaves, teeth – unpopped popcorn, ears – dried apricots, fingers – green beans. We had to pick prizes out of a bucket of vomit (watery porridge) and we had a piñata and inside it were some lollies and spiders and our trick or treat containers.

Halloween party dinner Skull bikkies Witch cake Trick or treating Slime