Sculptures by the Sea 2012


Each year we go to Sculptures by the Sea if we can. It’s on the walk along the seafront between Tamarama and Bondi and it gets really crowded so we left before the sun came up this morning and we got there about 6 o’clock. Some of the sculptures that I liked were a rainbow igloo made of recycled clothes, a red one that looked like a person relaxing or a dog playing with a ball and some pink and white penguins looking out over the sea.


Most sculptures asked you not to touch them but there was one sculpture that was like the eye of a needle stuck into the ground and the point of it is in Denmark and every time someone climbed through it the point flashed in Denmark. I think that’s really cool, especially because it would be night time in Denmark so it would look good.


Today there were pods of dolphins in the ocean too and we watched them for 10 minutes at Tamarama and then for 10 minutes at Bondi.
Sculptures by the Sea 2012 on PhotoPeach

Halloween in Australia

Australia has never celebrated Halloween like America does but it’s getting more popular every year. We do trick or treating with some neighbours we know and usually if a house is decorated the people are happy to have you visit but most houses aren’t decorated. Most of them near us are families from our school. We passed this really cool spider web covered house at Beecroft this afternoon.


Another fun game

Two years ago I did two blog posts about fun games you could play in the holidays called Fun Games and More Fun Games.

Lemmings are little creatures that people say follow each other, even if it means they walk straight off cliffs. Wikipedia says that isn’t true, but there’s a really cool game called Lemmings that you can play on the computer where you get given heaps of lemming people and you need to get at least one through a level. They all do what the lemming in front of them does so sometimes lots die. You can make lemmings dig or punch to get through things and you can make them explode. The ones in the picture below are blocking the ends so other lemmings don’t fall off and die.

To play Lemmings just click here or on the screenshot above.

Tough Mudder

Last Sunday we went to watch Tough Mudder and watched my Mum and Dad and lots of other people as they ran through mud and the bush and did lots of obstacles. About a hundred people at a time were let over the starting line to go around the course and we could watch them go around part of the track. We were parked in car park 6 so it was a really big walk to the start and finish line.

The run was 20km and the obstacles were things like a big wall that you had to try to run up and other people grabbed you and helped you up and there were electrical wires that you had to crawl under and run through. There were lots of tunnels and mud pits (click the links to see pictures of what they were like) to go through or jump over and there were lots of rivers which you had to wade or swim through as well.


It took Mum and Dad 5 hours to do and when everyone finished they got an orange headband and a black t-shirt with Tough Mudder on it. A lot of people were very cold when they finished so they got a silver blanket to wear to get warm and they also got a Solo drink and a banana. Some people got hurt and couldn’t finish the run and some people pulled out because they were too tired. Everyone got really, really muddy.


There was a photographer there on the day and this link goes to some of the pictures he took.

Flash Mob

Today we went to Allianz Stadium while a Roosters and Tigers football game was on for charity. At half time a couple of hundred of us danced to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ as part of a flash mob. We had red, blue and white balloons to wave in the air while we we were dancing because that’s the colours of the Roosters. We only had one quick rehearsal but we just copied the cheerleaders on the grass at the front. Football’s ok, but I prefer Oz Tag because you don’t get tackled.



Yesterday we went to Seaworld, we went on lots of different rides and a big adventure playground that had lots of nets and slides. Then my Mum and I went on a ropes climbing frame and that was really fun. To go on the ropes you had to put on a harness that went over your shoulders and up between your legs and around your middle. Then they attached a cord to it that also attached to the track above your head on the frame so if you fell off the ropes you wouldn’t fall to the ground.

Heel Clicking

We were trying to learn how to heel click this morning. They’re so much harder to do than they look, but suddenly I learnt how to do them on one side. My Dad finds them easy to do so now he’s trying to do double heel clicks and they’re not that easy. This is a video of my Dad doing some small heel clicks.

There are heaps of videos of people heel clicking on YouTube and here are some that I liked. The first one has double heel clicks, the second one has a heel click in slow motion and the third one has a girl doing heel clicks.


Dance concert

Yesterday was my dance concert ‘Once upon a time’. My ballet class danced to ‘Always a Dream’ from Tinkerbell and my tap class did Monsters Inc. I was Sully and my sister was Boo. We had to change from our stiff tutus into a soft tutu for ballet because they didn’t have enough costumes there. Chloe won the class medal for tap, it’s different to the one I got last year for ballet.