A camping holiday – a choose your own adventure story. Part 1.

TentA long time ago there was a little girl called Molly who lived in a house with her Mum and Dad. There was another little girl called Matilda who was Molly’s best friend. She lived with her Mum, her Dad, her dog Max and her cheeky younger brother named Matthew. They lived in the countryside a farm away from each other.
One day Molly went over to Matilda’s house for a play and when she got there Matilda’s Mum asked Molly if she would like to come on a camping trip with them in the holidays. Molly said ‘Yes! I’ll ask my parents when I go home.’ and Matilda asked ‘ Are we going to the beach?’

Where are they going camping? Are they going to the snow, to the woods or to the beach?

10 thoughts on “A camping holiday – a choose your own adventure story. Part 1.

  1. Hmmm… tricky choice, Emily. I think camping in the snow would be very cold. I’ve camped at the beach before and found that my tent always gets full of sand, so I’m going to vote for the woods. I also like the idea of camping at the woods because I think it has lots of opportunities for adventures and will make for an interesting story.

    I’m so thrilled you’ve started another story, I hope it’s as exciting as the last one was. Well done.

  2. Camping in the snow sounds cool. [Pardon the pun :D] There is the issue of staying warm and dry though. Camping in the woods and the beach sound very interesting too 🙂 Nevertheless, I’m going for the snow.

  3. Hi Emily,

    I think they should go camping by the beach.

    They live near woods at home (and they were in the woods near their house for some of their last adventure) and I definitely wouldn’t want to camp in the snow, it would be far too cold… imagine trying to get dressed in the morning! Brr.

    The beach sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what they get up to this time! 🙂

  4. Hi Emily,
    I’m a fan of camping in the woods.. you never know what you’ll find there. Do you think Matilda will be disappointed when they don’t go to the beach?

    Miss H

  5. I would find the sounds, smells, animals and mystery of the woods too exciting to resist. I would love to see someone setting up their tent on a beach, I could just laugh watching them, not to mention the wind and tide…but its the woods for me. Not a fan of the cold, so snow was never an option for me.

  6. Hi Emily!

    I think camping at the beach would be fun. The snow would be far too cold to lie on, and I think in the woods there might be snakes or spiders.
    At the beach they can swim, surf, make sandcastles and look for shells. Hopefully something exciting will happen there too.

    Ms R

  7. Dear Emily, we voted on this as a class and the votes were:
    Beach – 4
    Snow – 2
    Woods – 17

    Good luck with the story!
    Timbumburi’s SmartSmarties

  8. Dear Emily,

    I am not sure which one but I think you should do the snow because I would like to hear some snow because I haven’t seen or heard about snow in a long time.

    Eun Su.

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