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Sculptures by the Sea 2012

Posted by Emily on October 21, 2012


Each year we go to Sculptures by the Sea if we can. It’s on the walk along the seafront between Tamarama and Bondi and it gets really crowded so we left before the sun came up this morning and we got there about 6 o’clock. Some of the sculptures that I liked were a rainbow igloo made of recycled clothes, a red one that looked like a person relaxing or a dog playing with a ball and some pink and white penguins looking out over the sea.


Most sculptures asked you not to touch them but there was one sculpture that was like the eye of a needle stuck into the ground and the point of it is in Denmark and every time someone climbed through it the point flashed in Denmark. I think that’s really cool, especially because it would be night time in Denmark so it would look good.


Today there were pods of dolphins in the ocean too and we watched them for 10 minutes at Tamarama and then for 10 minutes at Bondi.
Sculptures by the Sea 2012 on PhotoPeach

4 Responses to “Sculptures by the Sea 2012”

  1.   emska123 Says:

    Dear Emily,
    My name is Emily too! I am a sixth grader in Mr. Avery’s class. I love your blog, you must have had so much fun by the sea! I am so facinated you saw dolphins! They are my favorite animal but I never see them. Congratulations on best student blog in 2010! I just earned a blog, I hope I get that award someday! If I do, I will definatly need more visitors! If you want to see my blog go to http://www.truthaboutlife.edublogs.org I would really appreciate it if you did! From,
    Emily B.

  2.   ari28 Says:

    Dear Emily,

    Your blog really fascinates me !!
    19,000 Visitors !!! How did you get so many? Do you have any tips?
    I have a new blog , its called Ari’s Safari.
    Here’s the link http://www.arisafari.edublogs.org
    Ari (in USA ,Massachusetts)

  3.   mmm4 Says:

    Great Pictures I love them!! :D

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