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Halloween in Australia

Posted by Emily on October 18, 2012

Australia has never celebrated Halloween like America does but it’s getting more popular every year. We do trick or treating with some neighbours we know and usually if a house is decorated the people are happy to have you visit but most houses aren’t decorated. Most of them near us are families from our school. We passed this really cool spider web covered house at Beecroft this afternoon.


2 Responses to “Halloween in Australia”

  1.   Chris Says:

    Dear Emily,

    Those spiderwebs look like they where made from the spider in The Lord of The Rings. It looks like you have a fun Halloween every year.I haven’t seen decorations like that ever.


  2.   natalies1234 Says:

    Dear Emily,
    Those pictures were really cool. Hi I am Natalie. I was looking through your blog for good ideas for my new blog. I found really cool things on your blog. I was wondering if you would check my blog out. I don’t have a lot of posts yet because I just made one so I only have one post. I will make more though so don’t worry. Here is a link to my blog.


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