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Posted by Emily on October 5, 2012


The other night we had a campfire in the backyard. My sister and I collected lots of different size sticks and then we waited a month for the insides of the sticks to be dry from sap so they would burn better. My Dad dug a hole in the ground and put big stones around it so the grass wouldn’t catch fire. We built the fire up by starting with small twigs and some scrunched up paper and then when the fire started we put in bigger sticks. It burnt really quickly and we had to keep adding more sticks and sometimes we needed to fan it with paper to give it more oxygen so we could toast marshmallows and cook our dinner. While we were outside a ring tail possum ran through our trees, it was very cute. My sister thought it was the best night ever.

We had to wait until it wasn’t windy and we needed to do it on a day when the temperature wasn’t too hot so it was safe to have a fire. We checked the NSW Rural Fire Service website to make sure that there wasn’t a fire ban too and we filled a bucket of water and had the hose ready just in case. When we finished we put out the fire by separating the sticks and smothering the embers with dirt then we poured water on it slowly to make sure it was completely out.

2 Responses to “Campfire”

  1.   Mr Squires Says:

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun making a fire and I’m glad to see you learnt a lot about fire safety too. I love fire toasted marshmallows, they are so yummy! What did you cook for dinner on the fire?

  2.   Emily Says:

    Hi Mr Squires,

    We cooked bacon and eggs in a pan and potato with aluminium foil around it in the fire pit, two behind the stone and two around the edge so they didn’t burn.

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