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Flash Mob

Posted by Emily on August 26, 2012

Today we went to Allianz Stadium while a Roosters and Tigers football game was on for charity. At half time a couple of hundred of us danced to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ as part of a flash mob. We had red, blue and white balloons to wave in the air while we we were dancing because that’s the colours of the Roosters. We only had one quick rehearsal but we just copied the cheerleaders on the grass at the front. Football’s ok, but I prefer Oz Tag because you don’t get tackled.


3 Responses to “Flash Mob”

  1.   Jo Says:

    Cool! I’m not that keen on football either but it would be fun to be in a flash mob!

  2.   Tiffany Says:

    Thats so cool Emily i’ll love to be in the falsh Mob and also totally agree with you. I prefer Oztag instead of football. Feel free to visit my blog http://tiffany12.edublogs.org/

  3.   Emily Says:

    Hi Jo and Tiffany,

    It was lots of fun. Thank you for commenting and I’ll visit your blog Tiffany.

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