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The Netherlands

Posted by Emily on November 18, 2011

Yesterday we drove to Rotterdam and had lunch in a park that had a cool climbing frame and flying fox. Then we went to Gouda and saw a few old fashioned windmills before we drove to Amsterdam. Today we walked in the fog from the hotel to the tram stop and we rode to Dam Square on tram 17. When we got off the tram we went to find a chip store that my Mum’s friend Ellie said had the best chips in the world. They came in an ice cream cone shaped paper and they were really, really yummy. We walked around for a few hours and looked at the houses and bridges and canals and then we found a cheese shop. We went in and tried lots of the cheeses, I liked them all, Mum and Chloe liked the sheep’s cheese best and Dad liked the old goat’s cheese. We bought one of the rounds of Gouda to have for dinner and lunch. It was cold enough that keeping it in our backpack was like having it in the fridge. Then we walked to the canal boat and we went around the canals and the harbour before we caught another tram home.

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